eltonhead eltonstand”Elton” was our sweet little guy, co-owned with Elisabeth Kömüves at Kennel Chagalls. He has a wonderful temperament and have had some great success in the showring 2008 and 2009 he became BISS at the Swedish Sharpei club speciality show where he also became Champion on his first and only time in the show ring that year! Elton  has sired two litters here at our kennel and he has now moved to a new home and we wish his new owner all the best with him!Red fawn brushcoat with black mask
Born 2007-08-24


090829 || CAC, SWEDISH CHAMPION, BEST IN SHOW, Swedish Shar Pei club speciality show, Sweden
081207 || CAC, Best Male-4, Stockholm HUND 2008, Sweden
080907 || CAC, Best Male-2, Högbobruk, Sweden
080830 || CC, Best Junior Male, Swedish Shar Pei Club speciality
080726 || CC, Best Male-3, Ransäter, Sweden
080719 || CAC, BOB, Köping, Sweden
080703 || Excellent, World Dog Show, Sweden
080607 || CAC, BOS, Trondheim, Norway


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