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Show news! 

Wohoo! A great day at IDS in Leksand, Sweden! 
BOB Puppy and Top Ten in the finals:
Pei Attention All Horses in Th’Barn ”Miih” (Ninja x Tiam)

MultiW MultiCh Pei Attention Bow-Tie ”Tiam” (Mindy x Stone) 

2nd Best Female with CAC and R-CACIB:
Pei Attention I’m A Sparkling Angel ”Kiwi” (Kila x Zero) 


NOJW’14 SECH NOCH Pei Attention Lemon Drop ”Lemon” (Mindy x Stone) Owner: Fam Hellström

Babies on there way!!! 


Tulo wins Best In Show

At Östergötlands Kennelklubbs open show Pei Attention Hold On Your Horses ”Tulo” wins Best of Breed Puppy 4-6 months and then he won the group and as iceing on the cake he wins BEST IN SHOW PUPPY!!! Way to go little man! ❤️ 

Pei Attention Premission to Fire ”Diesel” and Pei Attention Behind Enemy Lines ”Molly” was also shown and did great! 

Molly won first BOB Puppy 6-9 months and then BEST IN SHOW PUPPY -4 in same age group! Woohoo! Congrats to the owners!


Showtime in Norway

We had a great trip to Norway the 27th of March!

T’ayBet Bell Attractive Force ”Emelie” got the CAC and became Best of Breed! 

MultiJW LVJCH SECH FINCH Pei Attention Apple Pie Crust ”Hugo”, 2nd best male with R-CAC. 

Pei Attention Hold On Your Horses ”Tulo”  Best Puppy in Breed

Valpar planeras till våren/sommaren 2016

Vi planerar valpar till våren/sommaren 2016 efter trevliga, sunda och meriterade föräldrar.
Föräldrarna är besiktigade och godkända i Svenska Kennelklubbens Ögonhälsoprojekt för Shar Pei.

För mer info kontakta oss! 20121219-210246.jpg


imageWe wish all our friends and puppy buyers a Happy New Year and a great 2016!

We ended the show year 2015 at NORDIC WINNER SHOW in Stockholm and had a great final results!

Our sweet boy MultiW MultiCh Pei Attention Bow-Tie became NORDIC WINNER 2015 and BEST OF BREED!

CIB BGCH FINCH SECH DKCH Pei Attention Queen of Sweden ”Kila” became best female and also gained the title NORDIC WINNER 2015!

Kilas son HelsW’15 HelsJW’15 Pei Attention In Angeldust We Trust ”Harry” became NORDIC JUNIOR WINNER!

Thank you all wonderful puppy buyers who came and showed their beautiful dogs to great results and also an extra thank you for letting me be able to compete in Progney and Breeders groups – which we won with both! ❤️

Valparna är här nu! ❤️


Den 18/9-15 fick Mindy sina fina valpar. Både hon och valparna mår bra.

Jaffa LC Club Winner 2015

Wohooo BALTJW’13 SECH LVCH Pei Attention Mandarin Model ”Jaffa” ? Club Winner 2015 in her LC class! ??  
Big thank you to the wonderful Bråvikens Lure Coursing Club for treat us like equals! And special thanks for the shar pei mug prize! It warmed my heart! ?


We have a new CHAMPION! 

And we not only have one NEW CHAMPION – we have TWO!! ??
Today at IDS in Högbo Bruk, Sweden

BISS MULTIJW’14 FINW’14 SEW’15 BALTICW’15 Pei Attention Bow-Tie ”Tiam” gained his last CAC and can now call himself SWEDISH LATVIAN NORWEIGAN and FINNISH CHAMPION!!! He also gained a CACIB and became BOS! 

His littersister NOJW’14 Pei Attention Lemon Drop ”Lemon” also gained her last CAC and became SWEDISH and NORWEGIAN CHAMPION! CACIB and BOB! And she was shortlisted amoung the last six in the group! 

  The little kangaro-goat Pei Attention I’m a Sparkling Angel ”Kiwi” became BOB PUPPY! 


22nd of August in Tallinn, Estonia our BISS MULTIJW FINW’14 SEW’15 Pei Attention Bow-Tie ”Tiam” became BALTIC WINNER 2015 and gain the CAC, CACIB and became BOS! 


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